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Advanced Asset Management Tools

Efficiency Reliability Productivity

Advanced Asset Management Tools

Efficiency Reliability Productivity


Smart Dashboard

AT4DRIVER is the heart and intelligence of the platform.

I’s a smart dashboard which allows you to:

  • define KPIs and targets
  • monitor results in real time
  • configure set-points and alarms
  • manage actions on condition
  • monitor projects and continuous improvement actions
  • analyze continuous improvement plans through periodic assessments
  • set up a customized dashboard with the main kpis
  • monitor productivity data (oee, availability etc)
  • monitor results of economic-technical efficiency
  • compare KPIs between different production sites


Enterprise Asset Management

AT4MANAGEMENT is a specific personalization of Infor EAM, a software solution for the management of first-rate corporate resources with integrated functionality and flexibility. Integrated with the applications/solutions of the AT4S2 platform, the different ERP systems and the technological automation systems, AT4MANAGEMENT is the basis for the implementation of continuous improvement processes and the implementation of world-class manufacturing (World class Maintenance process).

AT4MANAGEMENT manages the complete resource management process: from projects to work orders, from the purchase request to purchase orders and performance registration, from the inventory of spare parts to the management of security stocks, from the skills of the technicians to the skills of suppliers.


Assessment & Benchmark

AT4ASSESSMENT supports analysts during the evaluation, both management and technical related, which can be adequately customized and configured.

It consists of two main parts: a central web application that can be accessed using an Internet browser and a mobile application for installation on mobile devices, sch as smartphones and tablets, which can be easily used during work.

AT4ASSESSMENT process focuses on 12 main categories based on the world-wide maintenance process: maintenance and assessment of people’s skills organization, work order process, interventions planning and scheduling, tools, cost control, purchases and suppliers management, warehouse management and optimization of spare parts, process mapping and productivity analysis, quality and safety management, digitalization processes, KPI management and continuous improvement.


Quality ISO 55001

AT4 SHELL is an integration of different tools designed to satisfy the ISO 55001 Asset management  systems and requirements:

Single Sign-On portal management: one single access to all applications

SETTINGS of AT4PRODUCTS: back-end management

TICKETING management tool: It allows the Customer only one single point of contact (SPOC) for any type of intervention, action or communication and manages the “Service Level Agreement” with dedicated online KPIs

SUPPLIERS portal: Suppliers’ qualification and evaluation, activities registration, goods receipts and Work Certificate management.

LIBRARY: Site documents management portal. Fully integrated into AT4S2 platform, it permit to upload documents for any application, manages versioning through a dedicated workflow and manages alarms on the expiration date


Advanced Safety Management

AT4SAFETY is a suite of modules designed and developed to support the implementation of operational safety in industrial and non-industrial work environments, construction sites, dangerous places where it is important to check whether the workers have obtained all the necessary conditions to perform the work assigned and performed the necessary risk analysis before entering / executing the activity. It makes managing subcontractors easier and processes work progress in real time.

Safety web manages the complete recording and monitoring of all aspects relevant to safety: events, unsafe conditions, unsafe actions, avoided accidents, planned safety inspections and activity risk analysis.

Safety gate is based on the use of radiofrequency and automatic identification to facilitate and make more efficient the collection of information that can be crucial in some workplaces, to ensure an adequate and reliable level of worker safety, automatically controlling the use of PPE and the availability of all training certificates necessary to perform certain tasks.


On Condition Monitoring

AT4RELIABILITY is a system for monitoring online physical conditions. The application allows to develop and monitor a complete predictive maintenance thanks to the interconnection with the automation process, machines and lines.

For the main predefined alarms in AT4RELIABILITY, the product  AT4MANAGEMENT generates automatic work orders to have complete traceability of the analysis / results of the causes of failure and of the diagnoses performed on the components.

Set points and alarms can be set on the main technical parameters to prevent and foresee possible interruptions and production stops.

Specific algorithms designed for machines / processes allow maintenance technicians to design and decide the most correct and efficient proactive maintenance

Perfectly Integrated Solutions

Safe and effective communication flows

Interconnection with external systems can be implemented through dedicated middleware systems or the interchange of XML/ SOAP flows, through different transport systems (http/ https/ sftp/ …) or through REST calls on http.

AT4S2 platform can also collect data directly from the field (through IoT architectures) by communicating with existing sensors or equipment or systems chosen for projects needs and placed on different equipment according to the study problems, simulating and monitoring their operation, either individually and related to other variables of a logical process.

Examples Of Information Flows


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