AT4management™ is a specific customization of Infor EAM, a best-in-class enterprise asset management software solution with rich built-in functionality and flexibility. Integrated with others AT4 applications/solutions, ERP systems and automation technology systems as needed is the base of the World- class maintenance implementation.

Built on a Scalable and dynamic platform with high uptime and able to handle elastic demand, Infor EAM’s modern architecture scales to add computing power as needed.

AT4management™ is deployed in the cloud through the AT4 platform. A dedicated “mobile app” application permits the right operating efficiency to manage the work orders (in the complete flows), such as the booking and consumption of spare-parts. AT4management is supported on all mobile devices, for an informed and efficient decision making.

AT4management™ manages the complete asset management process: from projects to the work orders, from purchase request to the purchase orders and goods registration, from spare part inventory to safety stock management, from worker to the supplier skills. All activities are linked to equipment (Asset) and the equipment are linked to an equipment tree. All costs and KPIs can be managed with the roll-up concept of the father / group.  e.g.: plant, process, production line, machine, asset group, asset and so on.

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