AT4reliability™  is an online condition monitoring system.  The application allows to develop and monitor a complete predictive maintenance thanks to the interconnection with the level of automation process, machines and lines. Through the online system, it is possible to manage the following main aspects: time–frequency analysis of signals, fault feature extraction, singularity detection for signals, denoising and extraction of the weak signals, compression of vibration signals and main root causes. Automatic work orders are generated in AT4management™ in order to have the complete breakdowns’ traceability and machine fault diagnostics analyses/results.

Set points and alarms can be set on the main technical parameters such as: vibration, angular velocity, electrical quantities (voltages, currents, etc.), torsional torque, temperature, condition of lubricating oil, visual and thermographic images, other physical quantities to prevent and predicting possible breaks and production stops. Dedicated algorithms studied for specific machines / processes allow the maintenance engineers to design and decide the right and efficient maintenance.

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