AT4engineering™ is an integrated solution for reliability and maintenance engineering. The solution facilitate and support the design of maintenance / engineering work related to the execution of extensive Maintenance and Reliability Engineering and Management projects.

Thanks to the chance of utilizing specialized libraries, related to failure classes on one side and routine and preventive maintenance classes on the other side, AT4engineering™ can dramatically help the involved teams to work with a high level of quality and efficiency.

AT4 engineering ™ allows you to draw the equipment tree, design and optimize all preventive and predictive maintenance activities identified through the application of RCM, RBI and FMECA/FMEA methodologies.

The software application is natively web-based and easily accessible by utilizing last generation web-browsers; for this reason, it is not necessary to install any software on users’ computers, but only to run common internet browsers.

AT4engineering™ can be utilized as a collaborative environment where different people or groups can cooperate by using the same rules, but with segregated and partial views to provide their contributions only for those parts they are assigned to.

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