AT4assistant™ is a remote vdeo helpdesk system designed to provide remote assistance in real time, ideal for all sectors, from the production industry to domestic systems.

Indeed, with AT4 assistantTM, you can not only offer support to all your customers, helping them to resolve simple problems when there is no need for direct intervention, but also to your technicians working on the field, out of the office or in foreign locations, when they need the support of an expert colleague.

For companies that want to equip their field technicians of smart glasses that allow to make support with hands free, AT4assistantantTM offers a dedicated equipment in Android technology.

AT4assistantantTM  App is easy to manage, light and user-friendly; it adapts perfectly to all versions of Android 4.0 and above and enables you to receive support at any time, by putting you into contact with an expert.

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