AT4assessment™ supports engineers and analysts during the execution of any kind of assessment or survey, both managerial and technical, that can be properly customized and configured.

It is composed by two main parts: a central web application that can be accessed by using an internet browser and a mobile application to install on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to be easily utilized during the work. AT4assessment™ is available in any language required by Clients’ users and has multiple utilities, which can make the configuration easier and facilitate the execution of real-time assessment tasks.

The core process of AT4assessmentTM is focused on twelve categories based on the world-class maintenance process: Maintenance organization and people evaluation, work orders process, planning and scheduling, tools, costs control, supply chain and vendors management, warehouse management and spare-parts optimization, process mapping and productivity analysis, quality and safety management, digitalization processes, KPIs management and the Continuous improvement management.


According to:

EFNS European Federation of National Maintenance Societies

UNI EN 15628: Maintenance – Qualification of Maintenance personnel

ISO 55000: Asset management – Overview, principles and terminology

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